Hello, my name is Lindsay Duff and I am a local San Diego artist and designer.

Throughout the years I have discovered a passion for bringing positive change to the lives of others through my artwork as well as my interior/spatial design practice. When I view an empty space I can intuitively envision the finished layout and design transforming to suit the intentions of those who will use it. The finished spaces I design are energizing, uplifting, and inspirational. Using your preferences and intentions as my guide, I will advise you through the entire process of creating a space for your home or business that will both comfort and energize you!

In addition to my spatial design practice, I am also an intuitive multimedia artist. All of my art carries a specific pattern of energy, light, joy and beauty, acting as a beacon to draw to you what you want for yourself, your life, your home or business environment.


                                                            Love and Light,

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