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I was born in Princeton, Missouri into an extensive line of self taught artists and musicians.  Both my mother and uncle ‘Bo’ were constantly creating something new, weather it was Disney characters on my bedroom wall, murals in the living room, large scale commissions in the community, or a concert in the front yard.  It was magical to grow up with family who were so self expressed and my life-long love affair with the creating beautiful things began.

I’ve explored a wide variety of mediums throughout the years.  I began experimenting with acrylic and oil paints to express the beauty I would see all around me.  Later, I moved on to work with creative methods ranging from drawing to pottery; sculpturing; watercolor to jewelry making; photography to film; and graffiti to collage, to name a few. 

My art springs from the concept of intuition: the power of the mind to perceive the truth without reasoning or analysis. Intuition is also sometimes described as the ability to learn and do complex skills and solve problems on a subconscious level. The answer to a question should just “come to you” and it will feel right.

I live creatively. Everywhere I go and everything I see instills in me beauty and inspiration. Everything I see has meaning. I collect these things in my mind. I also photograph many things, and I pick up shells, paper -- whatever, from my everyday activities and, it’s such a joy to create!

As an artist, I want to convey and share feelings and energy with other people. I let my intuition guide me -- in whatever art medium I have chosen at that moment. I may not have a specific concept in mind at the beginning of the work of art. I just know I need to create.

  1. “The beauty found in nature has always inspired something deep within me and is reflected in my art, so everything I see or experience becomes a possibility for a painting.”  -Lindsay Duff

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In 2012, I was inspired to add a crow to my paintings to deliver the message of everyone’s ability to change into anything they can imagine, which offers a larger perspective of life.  This seemingly simple addition, carries the message of unity, transformation, and the interdependency between the physical and Divine components that make up each of our lives.

When I am creating a work of art, I am creating it with my world, my communities, and the people I love in mind. My intention is to create light, joy, a sense of belonging, an understanding that we are all eternal beings, that there is nothing wrong, and we never get it done.  So there are no mistakes -- and if there is something that isn’t working, we just have to wait a few minutes, and it will change. We will have an opportunity to create our own reality through this kind of thinking.  With this concept in mind, this is the energy that goes into my paintings. So I’m sharing, through my paintings, an energy that you receive when you purchase my paintings.

As an artist, I am multi-faceted in whatever I choose to focus my creative energy on.  It all has the ability for healing and self-love for all who participate in the creation and/or acquisition of one of my works of art. 

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